Grooming Services

RATE = $80 AN Hour

Bath & Nails

Bath, Coat Conditioner, Ear cleaning — If Needed, pedicure, Brush Out.


Touch-up Groom

Coat Conditioner — If Needed, pedicure & bath plus light trimming of face, feet, tail, sanitary area and paw pads, Brush Out.


Full Groom

Bath, Coat Conditioner — If Needed, premium shampoo, pedicure, Ear cleaning , bath plus a full body haircut to suit your pets breed, personality or lifestyle, Brush Out. Lulu’s Full Spa Deshed -Does your pet shed? Choose our de-shed process instead of full haircut to reduce shedding by up to 80%


maintenance pricing  –

  1. every 4 weeks take %8 off total price
  2. every 3 weeks take %15 off total price
  3. every 2 weeks take %20 off total price
  4. every 1 weeks take %25 off total price

ALA CARTE Add on Services

  • (Spa package 1)Holiday Scent , premium shampoo , Complete Tooth Brushing Anti-Bacterial Oral Rinse Anti-Plaque Oral Gel Only $15
  • (Spa package 2) Anal Glands , Teeth Brushing , blue berry Facial ,Or Mud Bath,Teeth Brushing, Oral Gel ,
    premium shampoo $35 If purchased separately it would be $50
  1. Teeth Brushing is an additional $5
  2. – flea dip / tick dip $25
  3. Nails only $20
  4. Anal Glands Expressed –$30
  5. Aromatherapy – a method used to soothe anxious, nervous or agitated animals FREE
  6. Mud Bath – a remedy to help reopen skin pores and remove built up scum and grime embedded within the skin. $5
  7. blue Facial Clean and refreshing, helps remove tear and beard stains. $5
  8. Difficult Pet Fee Only if necessary $15