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Full Groom

Bath, Coat Conditioner(If Needed), Premium Shampoo, Pedicure, Ear Cleaning, Full Body Haircut to suit your pets breed, personality or lifestyle, Brush Out. Does your pet shed…ALOT? Try Lulu’s Full Spa De-shed instead of full haircut to reduce shedding by up to 80%!

Bath & Nails

Bath, Coat Conditioner, Ear Cleaning (If Needed),Pedicure, Brush Out.

Touch-up Groom

Bath, Coat Conditioner (If Needed), Pedicure plus Light Trimming of Face, Feet, Tail, Sanitary Area and Paw Pads, Brush Out.

ALA CARTE Add on Services

  (Spa package 1)Holiday Scent , Upgraded Premium Shampoo, Teeth Brushing, Anti-Bacterial Oral Rinse, Anti-Plaque Oral Gel Only $15

  • (Spa package 2) Anal Glands, Teeth Brushing, Your choice of Blueberry Facial or Mud Bath, Oral Gel, Upgraded Premium Shampoo $35 
  • Teeth Brushing is an additional $
  • Flea Dip/Tick Dip $30
  • Nails only $25
  • Anal Glands Expressed –$30
  • Aromatherapy – a method used to soothe anxious, nervous or agitated animals FREE
  • Mud Bath – a remedy to help reopen skin pores and remove built up Dirt and Oil embedded within the skin. $5
  • Blueberry Facial – Clean and refreshing, helps remove tear and beard stains. $5
  • Difficult Pet Fee Only if necessary $20


      We all deserve a day at the spa!

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      Full Bath & Groom

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      Nail & Paw Treatment

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      Cat Grooming

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      I graduated from the Florida Institute of Animal Arts Majoring in Advanced Pet Grooming at the top of my class. We are a family run business that operates with honesty and integrity

      * Dog, Cat and Bird – Pet Grooming Procedures
      * Proper Breed Recognition
      * Glossary of Terminology
      * Behavioral Therapy
      * Client Relations
      * Anatomy and Biology
      * Skin Conditions
      * Parasitology
      * Therapeutic Bathing
      * Bathing, Brushing and Dematting
      * Fluff Drying
      * Preparation of Pet for Grooming
      * Setting Patterns
      * Learning Different Styles and Patterns
      * Advanced Stripping, Scissoring and Styling
      * Working with Snap-On Comb Attachments
      * Clipper VAC Grooming
      * Creative Patterns
      * Finishing Touches
      * Sanitation and Sterilization
      * CPR and First Aid for Pets



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