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New Pricing - Lulu's Mobile Pet Spa

New Pricing

All pricing is based on dogs with coats in good condition and well maintained. If they are larger than breed standard, have behavior problems or they are matted prices will go up.

I am going to be feeding anyone that needs help in the area . If you need help or know someone let me know or you would like to help in anyway let me know .

We will be doing a reduced number of grooms per day so I can run my ozone generator in between each groom which will kill any bacteria or virus in the van. This has to run for 10 to 15 minutes after each groom in order to disinfect and make sure any type of virus is destroyed . For this reason, these extra precautions are designed to resolve health issues that may possibly arise. The new prices reflect extra time and expense involved, here is the knew price structure listed below.

Bath and Nails CategoryDurationPrice
Bath & nails – extra-large soft hair dog 75 – 100Bath1 hr 30 mins$120.00
Bath & nails – extra-large wire hair dog 75 – 100Bath1 hr 10 mins$100.00
Bath & nails – Giant soft hair dogs over 100 lbsBath1 hr 45 mins$175.00
Bath & nails – Giant wire haired dogs over 100 lbsBath1 hr 20 mins$130.00
Bath & nails – Large soft hair dog 50-75 lbsBath1 hr$100.00
Bath & nails – Large wire hair dog 50-75 lbsBath1 hr$90.00
Bath & nails – med soft hair dog 25-50Bath55 mins$8500
Bath & nails – med wire hair dog 25-50Bath50 mins$75.00
Bath & nails – Small soft hair dogs 1-25 lbsBath50 mins$65.00
Bath & nails – Small wire hair dogs 1-25 lbsBath45 mins$50.00

touch up groom

Includes our signature Facial, Coat Conditioner — If Needed, pedicure & bath plus light trimming of face, feet, tail, sanitary area and paw pads, Brush Out

touch up groomCategoryDurationPrice
Extra-large soft hair dog 75 – 100 lbsTouch up1 hr 50 mins$130.00
Giant soft hair dogs over 100 lbsTouch up1 hr 50 mins$185.00
Large soft hair dog 50-75 lbsTouch up1 hr 20 mins$110.00
med soft hair dog 25-50 lbsTouch up1 hr 30 mins$100.00
Small soft hair dogs 1-25 lbsTouch up1 hr 20 mins$80.00

Full groom

Includes our signature  Facial, bath, Coat Conditioner — If Needed, premium shampoo, pedicure, Ear cleaning ,  bath plus a full body haircut to suit your pets breed, personality or lifestyle, Brush Out. Lulu’s Full Spa Deshed -Does your pet shed? Choose our de-shed process instead of full haircut to reduce shedding by up to 80%

extra-large soft hair dog 75 – 100Full groom2 hr 15 mins$185.00
Giant soft hair dogs over 100 lbsFull groom2 hrs 20 mins$225.00
Large soft hair dog 50-75 lbsFull groom2 hr $155.00
med soft hair dog 25-50Full groom1 hr 35 mins$125.00
Small soft hair dogs 1-25lbsFull groom1 hr 20 mins$100.00

Cat Grooming

Cat bathcat grooming$100.00
Cat Brush out only and nailCat Grooming25 min$50.00
Cat full groomCat Groom1 h$135.00
Cat touchupCat Groom1 h 15 min$115.00