Full Groom

Bath, Coat Conditioner — If Needed, premium shampoo, pedicure, Ear cleaning , bath plus a full body haircut to suit your pets breed, personality or lifestyle, Brush Out. Lulu’s Full Spa Deshed -Does your pet shed? Choose our de-shed process instead of full haircut to reduce shedding by up to 80%

Bath & Nails

Bath, Coat Conditioner, Ear cleaning — If Needed, pedicure, Brush Out.

Touch-up Groom

Coat Conditioner — If Needed, pedicure & bath plus light trimming of face, feet, tail, sanitary area and paw pads, Brush Out.

Teeth Cleaning

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A La Cart Servives

Teeth Brushing 


flea dip / tick dip


Nails only




Anal Glands Expressed




Mud Bath


blue Facial 


medicated shampoo


nail dremel upgrade


Ear Cleaning



We Come to you




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