Our Policy

We will charge an additional fee for failure to disclose matting, fleas, ticks, aggressive behavior and other grooming concerns due to change in time required to service/handle these issues


Pets that are Extremely aggressive will NOT be groomed. We encourage any owners with extremely aggressive pets to seek grooming through a veterinarians office. This pet personality may need anesthesia for their safety and that of the groomer. If you are AWARE that your pet may have a temperament issue and FAIL to notify us you can and will be liable for ALL medical fees and Out of Work compensation if our groomer is injured.

Please be aware that pets with severe matting are in a health crisis– matting promotes heat exhaustion, sores, bacteria and pain. Pets that have severe matting WILL be shaved for their health. Once mats are removed pets may have sores and scabs. This liability falls on the parents and we may advise you to seek medical attention.


On rare occasions, Lulu’s mobile Pet Grooming may need to cancel your appointment due to equipment failure, weather, illness, etc. Every effort will be made to contact Client in advance to reschedule. If you cancel and paid by card we will give you a full refund for the service you are you are responsible for credit card fees.
If Client cannot keep their appointment, please contact us AT LEAST 48 hours in advance. Failure to call 48 hours before your appointment or failure to have your pet available at the scheduled time WILL result in a charge of $50, which must be paid within 7 business days. All scheduled multiple pet clients, who may decide not to groom one of their pets at the last moment, WILL be responsible for part or all of that pets grooming charge. There will be a $50 trip fee for missed scheduled appointments, which must be paid within 7 business days. Ultimately it is Clients responsibility to keep track of their scheduled appointments,  If you are a first time Client and you are a no show when groomer arrives for your scheduled appointment, Lulu’s mobile Pet Grooming will not schedule any future appointments.

Should you discover something wrong with your pet please let us know immediately so that we may help with the situation. ‪(407) 702-7700 If you should be dissatisfied with our services please give us the opportunity to make you happy. We will strive to exceed your expectations.



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