I am Thankful for my History by Jamie Johnston Tillman

I am Thankful for my History…. (: I was born and raised into the Family of Groomers. My Grandfather and Grandmother in their later years owned one of the first Grooming businesses way way back when! DIP was the side of town to live on! (: Yes I was raised there…. Moved when I was a child but went there every week! My grandparents taught four of their Daughters… My Beautiful Aunts and Mother to groom. My grandparents owned Alice’s Poodle Palor. My Aunt Donna owns C&S Pet Grooming on Oldshell Rd. to this present day since 1974! C stands for Cindy Harrison Johnston my beautiful cousin and S stands for  Sheila Harrison Wilson her other beautiful daughter. She was the first to break away with her very own over 37years ago. My Beautiful Aunt Jeannie Jones bought Alice’s Poodle Polar from my grandparents and renamed it Alice’s Pet Grooming. My Mother Juanita Nowling Johnston opened the very first Juanita’s Pet Grooming 29 years ago 1982. At overlook and Moffett. Presently the McDonald’s parking lot. She was hit three years later by a logging truck who ran a red light. After many many long months/years of recovery she started back helping at her sisters grooming shops. As well our wonderful Aunt Judy Chruthirds opened Furry Fashions off of Schillingers Rd. Presntly a tire store/parking lot! Our Aunt Judy C. had long sold her business but passed away from a battle with Breast Cancer. My Aunt Jeannie was tragicially killed in an automobile accident years before. My mother stayed working for her shop until the last child was out of high school… may I add Scotty and I worked there too as well as my sister Kim. Opened present Juanita’s Pet Grooming 1996.Presently  Scotty Jones my cousin Jeannie Jones son who now owes Lulu’s Pet Spa in Edgewater Florida. My cousin Cindy works with my Aunt Donna at C&S Pet Grooming off of Oldshell Rd. My sister Kim Carter owes The Pet Shoppe in Citronelle. I own Juanita’s Pet Grooming and have many cousins who work as Vet Assist. (: Its a Family Tradition! Kimberly Nowling…..George County Vet. Miss.