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Lulu’s Pet Spa is going Mobile!!

We are keeping up with the times and going mobile !

How awesome to have someone come to your home, and groom your pet while you watch…or while you go about your day to day activities.  In most cases, we are in and out in an hour and a half.

NO MORE! lugging out the pet carrier, chasing down the pet, loading the pet in the car, tripping over your shoelaces, driving a million miles an hour to get to the grooming shop, getting a speeding ticket, dropping off the pet with an unsmiling receptionist who doesn’t even know your name, driving home cussing the cop that gave you a ticket, eating lunch and waiting for the phone to ring saying that your pet is finished, getting back into the car, driving a reasonable speed back to the groomer, sitting in the waiting room while they try to figure out why your pet isn’t really dry yet, lugging the pet carrier back to the car, driving home, unloading the pet while stepping in a mud puddle, putting away the pet carrier until FINALLY, the event is over.

The services we offer are personal mobile grooming.  We come to you, in  your home, and groom your companion,  Because your pet is in the comfort of his/her home environment, their experience with us is less stressful.  We are not a curbside groomer in a van.  We groom in your home (or in your garage, or on your deck or in  your backyard) and require from you a sink or tub in which to bathe your companion.  We bring our own tools and supplies and will require a power outlet to plug in our grooming table.  We clean up and remove all hair and nail clippings from sink/tub and floor so the allergens contained in those clippings are not left in your home.

What is Personal Mobile Grooming?

We are a friendly, personal mobile (not curbside mobile) grooming service for your pet.  We have many pets (and owners) that have health issues or fear issues which is how we began our offering of personal grooming.  We provide grooming in the comfort of the pet’s home, not in a van or trailer sitting in your driveway.

We have portable gear and bring our gear into your home to groom.  We setup wherever you’d like us to perform the grooming.  Some clients put us in the cellar, the garage, the laundry room, the kitchen, the bathroom, outside on the deck or porch – makes no difference to us!  As long as we have enough space to set the table and access to electric, we’re happy.


You receive the same, or better, quality work you would with a curbside groomer with the added personal touch.  Our groomers are all trained professionals and have expert knowledge on pet care.  We want you to be comfortable and involved so you may sit and visit with us while we groom, or go about your daily chores.  We don’t require much in the way of entertainment, in fact – we can certainly be YOUR entertainment for the day.

Our policy is “Leave no forensic evidence behind.” If you are concerned about mess in your home, please drop your worries in the nearest garbage bin.  In some cases, the areas in which we work are cleaner when we finish!  We are sensitive to your home and its cleanliness.

In the case of the deshedding service, we always ask that we be allowed to work outside (weather permitting) or in a garage or cellar where the hair can be contained.  Deshedding is messy and we know it.

For the exotics like reptiles and small caged critters, we like to work right next to their living environment so that they are not fearful about leaving the comfort of their cage.

Personal Mobile Grooming may not be for everyone and we understand that.  We do offer shop hours for those clients that want to come in and drop off their pet for grooming.  If Personal Mobile Grooming is for you and your pet, please give us a call to discuss setting up an appointment with one of our valued groomers.  We want to service your pet “your way”!

Lulu’s has cat Groomers and dog groomers

Cats naturally groom themselves. It is instinctual. Some cats actually over  groom  as a neurotic behavior. So, if a cat stops  grooming herself, you can be sure something is wrong. A cat may be sick, in  pain, depressed, or in the case of an older cat, it may be a sign of feline  dementia.

At lulu’s we grooming cats also even if your cat doesnot feel well

Basset Hound’s need grooming also

The Basset Hound is a short, relatively heavy dog. The
head is large and well proportioned with a rounded skull. The muzzle is deep and
heavy with the size being greater than the width at the brow. The brown eyes
have a soft, sad look to them and are slightly sunken with a prominent haw. The
darkly pigmented lips have loose hanging flews and the dewlap is very

Lulu’s pet groomers can groom morkie’s



Lulu’s pet spa love’s grooming yorkie puppies

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed in the 19th century in the county of Yorkshire, England to catch rats in clothing mills. The defining features of the breed are its size, 3 pounds (1.4 kg) to 7 pounds (3.2 kg), and its silky blue and tan coat.

She loves the Spa

Lulu’s Grooms yorkie’s


The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed in the 19th century in the county of Yorkshire, England to catch rats in clothing mills. The defining features of the breed are its size, 3 pounds (1.4 kg) to 7 pounds (3.2 kg), and its silky blue and tan coat

made to order pet beds

Lulu’s Pet Spa also has homemade pet beds.  After a wonderful day at the spa don’t your babies need a comfortable bed to lay in ?

pet beds

Lulu loves her homemade bed

Maltese Love Lulu’s Pet Spa


Ally had a great day of relaxation at Lulu’s Pet Spa !

Boston Terriers Grooming

Here at Lulu’s Pet Spa we just love Boston Terriers !!

The Boston Terrier is a breed of dog originating in the United States of America. This “American Gentleman” was accepted in 1893 by the American Kennel Club as a non-sporting breed.[2] Color and markings are important when distinguishing this breed to the AKC standard.