pet groomer

        My name is Scott Jones I have grown up around animals my whole life , and I have own every pet you can thank of . Growing up in Alabama I worked at my mothers groom shop . Where she tough me about dog grooming from there my love for pets and working with them grew . I worked as groomer in Winter park fl , moved to Edgewater Fl and opened Lulu’s pet spa naming it after my dog Lulu . I have been trained in

Dog, Cat and Bird – Pet Grooming Procedures
*  Proper Breed Recognition
* Behavioral  Therapy
* Anatomy and Biology
* Parasitology
*  Coat Conditioning
* Dental Techniques
* Nutrition
* Emergency  Medicine
* Bathing, Brushing and Dematting
* Therapeutic Bathing
*  Fluff Drying
* Preparation of Pet for Grooming
* Hand Stripping  Techniques
* Show Ring Styles and Patterns
* Clipping Techniques
* Pet  Grooming – Rare Breeds
* Professional  Stripping, Scissoring and Styling
*  Working with Snap-On Comb Attachments
* Clipper VAC Grooming
* Learning  Creative Patterns
* Camouflaging Pets Faults
* Hand Stripping  Techniques
* Balance and Symmetry
* Finishing Touches
* Sanitation and  Sterilization
* CPR and First Aid for Pets
* Mobile Pet  Grooming
If you would like to come in and give me the opportunity to groom your pet  I guarantee you will be happy.

Thank you for Visiting  our prices for

dogs start at $25 for a mini  and $35 for a full groom .

Cats start at $20- $40 for a bath

Cats full grooms $55 – $75