Do you charge any fuel fees?

•No, but we ask that you help us offset the rising cost of fuel by paying by  cash if able.

Why was I asked to pay in advance?
•New Clients with multiple pets or clients with a history of canceling/ rescheduling may be required to place a deposit of $30 to guarantee their appointment. This deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to grooming costs if original appointment is kept. Our groomers work on commission and no appointment means no money.

What are your hours?

We groom Monday – Friday by appointment only

Do you do Anal Glands and what are they?

Yes if needed , we do anal glands. Anal Glands or Anal Sacs are pockets on either side of the rectum that fill with fluid. This fluid can become infected, irritated or impacted if not released. Many dogs (especially large breeds) can excrete their anal glands their self and others need it done for them. You may see you dog chew at his back or do the butt scoot, this is their way of letting you know they are full.

What Kind Of Licensing Do You Have?

There is no licensing for groomers. Anyone can buy cheap clippers and open a business. Our groomers are graduates of  Florida institute of animal arts and have strict guidelines and years of testing – we take our PROFESSION seriously.

How do I know my pet is safe?

In the United States Pets are considered Chattel. In Florida, pets have a legal value of $400 (this is the worth that your pet is valued at in the State’s eyes). Make sure that you TRUST your groomer. Our Mobile Salons come to you, you can view us anytime and all of the time.




  1. I have 2 Giant Schnauzers .. I have found there there are not many groomers that will touch your dogs when they are over 100 lbs each .. Scotty at lulu’s pet spa took them in .. He did a great job If you are looking for a groomer that knows what they are doing and they went to school for grooming .. you should check Lulu’s pet spa out .. I know we will be back


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