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all prices based on 1 hour 15 min groom time any groom over will be charged prorated service charge $10 for every 30 mins over


We serve Edgewater ,Oakhill ,New Smyrna Beach ,Port Orange, 

Daytona , Ponce Inlet ,

if you see this symbol under the service it is includedLulu2

All rates are an estimate only and depend on size and hair length, as well as on the condition and personality of the dog
matting , and dry time , amount of scissor work needed. Rates may change without notice.

Type of Groom Bath
Starting at $35
touch up Groom
Starting at $50
Full Groom
Starting at $65
Nails Clipped Lulu2 Lulu2 Lulu2
Ears Cleaned Lulu2 Lulu2 Lulu2
Bath w/ Hydro Massage Lulu2 Lulu2 Lulu2
Fluff Dry Lulu2 Lulu2 Lulu2
Brush Out Lulu2 Lulu2 Lulu2
Cologne Lulu2 Lulu2 Lulu2
sanitarty trim 1306889717_stock_calc-cancel Lulu2 Lulu2
Pads Trimmed 1306889717_stock_calc-cancel Lulu2 Lulu2
Round Feet 1306889717_stock_calc-cancel Lulu2 Lulu2
Light trim  Face 1306889717_stock_calc-cancel Lulu2 Lulu2
Full Body Hair Cut 1306889717_stock_calc-cancel 1306889717_stock_calc-cancel Lulu2
Your Breed  Bath and nails  touch up grom  Full grooming
 Puppies and not full grown dogs will be less  Puppies and not full grown dogs will be less  Puppies and not full grown dogs will be less

 Maintenance plan Priceing

* For pets that do not get full body haircuts please talk to your groomers for a specially designed maintenance plan for your pet.
Size / Schedule
Every 3 Weeks
Small easily carried all day in an over the shoulder dog carrier
Medium can carry here and there but not all day.
Large Likes to try and be a lap dog but a little too big
Extra Large 71- 90 pounds
Giant over 90 pounds
We will keep your pet looking it’s best. Maintenance prices are per visit and do not change for full grooms, it’s a perk!

call or fill out request form for quote


payments we accept

For credit cards we charge 3% tax


Cash always welcome


matting , and dry time , amount of scissoring

. Rates may change without notice.

Add on Services

 Must have proof of Rabies Vaccination and Proof of Distemper and Parvo shot
  • Teeth Brushing is an additional $5 add-on
  •   – flea dip / tick dip $25 add-on
  • Nails only $20
  • Anal Glands Expressed -$25

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